Newsletter for June 2024

Felix/Master stylist

Hi Everyone,
This is Felix from T gardens Texas branch. We visited to San Antonio The River Walk , Lego Land and Comal River for summer break time and have fun a lot . I recommend one of mexican restaurants name of ( Margaritaville Restaurant  )849 E Commerce St. San Antonio, TX  78205. United States. If you have time to visit on summer time , please check San Antonio city ) please check photos and Thank you for reading. 

Lisa/Senior stylist

Hello This is Lisa.
How are you doing?
The restaurant I would like to introduce is called The Joe’s home of Soup Dumpling.
Joe’s Home of Soup Dumplings is a fantastic restaurant located in New York City. Here, you can enjoy traditional cuisine.
Location: Joe’s Home of Soup Dumplings is situated at 7 E 48th St, New York, NY, 10017.
This restaurant is particularly known for its Xiao Long Bao, a type of soup dumpling. You can also savor other traditional dishes inherited from Shanghai.
Joe’s Home of Soup Dumplings has received a rating of 4.5. Guests praise the deliciousness and the quality of the dumpling skins.
I especially recommend these two dishes.
Crispy jumbo shrimp with meat sauce:
 This dish combines crispy shrimp with a flavorful meat sauce.
Roasted jumbo shrimp with pepper salt:
Enjoy the savory roasted shrimp seasoned with a touch of salt.
Joe’s Home of Soup Dumplings is the perfect place for those who want to indulge in delicious soup dumplings in New York! Be sure to visit!

Mako /Senior stylist

Hi everyone,

This is Mako. How is your spring going?

I recently went hiking in Cold Spring and discovered a small Japanese shop. The space is shared by several owners, so there are many shops within it. They sell Japanese dishes and towels. The taste was very authentic Japanese, and I really enjoyed it.

Also, I’d like to announce that I have been promoted to Top Stylist as of June 1st. Thank you for allowing me to style your hair and for your continued support.

Yuki/Senior stylist

Hello everyone!
It’s been a warm and pleasant season lately! But it’s also a very humid season with a lot of rain.
I think that high humidity can make your hair hard to manage.
Our hair salon offers a keratin treatment menu. This treatment can reduce frizzy hair and help you manage it.
This is not a straightening perm, so it won’t make your hair straight, but it will make your hair look natural less frizzy and shiny. If you have such concerns, please give it a try!

We use Peter Coppola.

Thank you!

Min /Master stylist

Hello everyone!

Hair gets dehydrated during the summer
the beach and pool make hair extremely dry !
This OWAY hair mask is my recommendation for this summer hair care. We have many stocks at the salon
Please feel free to ask me!

Yuna /Stylist

This is Yuna. I would like to introduce those products, shampoo and conditioner.
The brand name is Davines.
There are so many types of hair products.
high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide.
I highly recommend the LOVE line.
Love their products, their smell, texture and packaging.


Hi there! It’s Suzu!

I was promoted to a senior stylist this month!
Thank you for all your help and understanding.

Today I would like to talk about my favorite hair style: bob hair!
The bob hair style is a very simple look made by only one line with/without bangs.
However, it’s hard to find the right length that suits you best, even a difference of just 5mm in hair length can change the look completely.
But I have many years of experience in cutting bobs for clients because I love the look so much!
If you’re interested in getting a bob cut, I’m the person to come to!

Note: My vacation period is 8/9~8/29.

Rei /Senior stylist

Hi. This is Rei.

It’s been a humid season recently! I recommend Japanese straight your hair at this time of year! I’m good at straightening hair. If you’re worried about wavy or frizz, this is the time to do it!

Yama/Senior stylist


This is YAMA!!

In May, I had a lot of new clients come to me. Thank you so much!! And I finally became a master stylist from June!! Thank you everyone!! I think I’ll be booked up easily from now on,so if possible, please make your next appointment after your haircut:祈る:
Thank you as always:握手: