Newsletter for July 2024

Felix/Master stylist

Hi Everyone,
This is Felix from T gardens Texas branch.. I recommend one of my favorite restaurants name of ( The Toasted Yolk located in katy ( 98 W Grand Parkway S #100. Katy TX 77494 ) . Special breakfast foods so delicious and you should make online reservation because if you stop by there make a line . I tried name ( west coast Arnold ) .please check photos and Thank you for reading.

Lisa/Senior stylist

Hello This is Lisa.
How are you doing?
I’d like to introduce you to a stylish bar that recently opened near t-gardens hair salon. Name is Shaken not stirred.
“Shaken Not Stirred is the much-anticipated espionage-themed cocktail bar that recently opened in Lenox Hill. Located at the corner of First Avenue and East 61st Street, this 50-seat bar offers a cosmopolitan approach to tradecraft with over 14 unique, proprietary cocktails. The bar’s owner, Ertan Kudsil, an Istanbul native who also runs the nearby Sea Salt, has crafted original cocktails like the ‘Ginger Highball’ (made with El Guel tequila, Espadin mezcal, ginger, grapefruit, and Meyer’s lemon), the ‘333’ (featuring Roku gin, shoghu, bergamot, raspberry, blueberry, and egg white), and the ‘Sexpertise’ (with Porter’s gin, dry vermouth, falernum, dragonfruit, and yuzu mix). The bar’s retro-European boutique design, devoid of televisions, evokes the classic midcentury spy era. In addition to cocktails, you can enjoy food offerings like the house-grilled burger and crispy chicken sandwich. Visit Shaken Not Stirred at 1113 First Ave. for a unique experience!” 

Shaken Not Strred

1113 1st Ave, New york, NY 10065

Mako /Senior stylist

Hi everyone, this is Mako.

How is your summer so far? Mine hasn’t started yet—I’m itching to hit the beach!

Today, I’d like to recommend some fantastic products from Trader Joe’s. Conveniently, our location is just three minutes away from the busiest and biggest Trader Joe’s in Manhattan.

For lunch, I love their frozen Pad Thai. The portion is a bit small, so you might need to add a little something extra. For dinner, I can’t get enough of their carnitas. I make them with rice, beans, corn, and salsa. It’s an easy and lazy meal, but incredibly satisfying.

Enjoy your summer and see you soon!

Yuki/Senior stylist

Hello everyone.
how are you? Finally, the fun summer has arrived. Have you already been to the beach or the pool? I hope everyone is having fun. Today I will introduce the best shampoo for summer. In summer, we sweat every day, and the scalp produces oil in particular. Therefore, with daily care, we should remove sebum containing fatty acids and prevent excess fatty acids from accumulating. Fatty acids can also cause scalp problems, so keep them healthy. The product is Milbon’s PURIFYING GEL SHAMPOO. I have introduced it many times, but I think this product is perfect for summer.

You can also get a head spa treatment for your scalp at a hair salon.

Have a good summer.

Min /Master stylist

Hello everyone.
I go to the city island often during the summertime.
They have the best reasonable raw oysters and pina colada. I went to Sammy’s Fish Box restaurant the portion of seafood blew my mind. If you are a seafood lover please check out!

Yuna /Stylist

Hello everyone
This is Yuna. I introduce a Japanese restaurant.
The name of the restaurant is NR
The location is the Upper East Side, there are ramen and cocktails, all the menu is so great creative. I recommend a botanical cocktail.
Check out this place .will be a great experience.


Hi there! It’s Suzu!

How are you handling the heat in New York?
Today, I’d like to share one of my favorite summer items with you: a beautiful wind chime, Zaphir Chime, that doubles as a musical instrument. Born on the edge of the Pyrenees Mountains in France, this wind chime makes you feel like you’re listening to music as the breeze blows, helping you relax and forget about the heat.
You can choose your favorite sound and color, so why not find the perfect chime for yourself this summer and enjoy its soothing tones?

Rei /Senior stylist

Hello everyone.This is Rei.
I’m introduce Japanese restaurant.
This restaurant has looks beautiful and tastes very great food. And atmosphere is also stylish.
Let’s go everyone

Yama/Senior stylist

This is YAMA!!

I’m going back to Japan from July 8th to August 8th. I’m so sorry for the sudden notice. I will work until July 7th and start working again from August 10th. I think appointments fill up quickly, so please make an appointment as soon as possible.
I’m looking forward to coming back from Japan in August and seeing you all again!!