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Do you have straight hair ? or curly hair ?

If you have straight hair how do you style your hair everyday ?
Do you use curling iron to make it curly ? or just keep straight hair ?

If you have curly hair how to style your hair everyday ?
Do you use straight iron to make it straight? or just keep natural curly hair ?

Sometime people who have straight hair want to try something new hair style and mostly want to get wavy style .
Besides people who have curly hair is not natural curly mostly so need some styling everyday .

This time we highly recommend you to have digital perm to make your hair curly nicely is best way to style easily.

Digital perm with straight hair

Using curling iron everyday is too much work ?
then why you don’t try to have digital perm ?
Digital perm help you to style easily and last long like 3 to 6 month .
If your hair is too strong and too straight hair digital perm make your hair soft and natural looking .

Digital perm make a hair texture softer by chemical process and we process it carefully without damage so you can keep your hair healthy and different style .
Even if you had straightening perm before we can create curl on straighten hair .

Digital perm with natural curly hair

People who have curly hair sometime it doesn’t even so most of time people try to make it straight or using curling iron to make it even.
But in that case we recommend digital perm to make hair curly evenly.

If you have curly hair using straight iron everyday is too much damage.
We can create curl evenly with less damage .
Some people have straighten hair by chemical and change it to wavy sometime .
In that case we can create curly hair at the bottom and keep straight on the top part would be more natural looking .

If you are thinking about going to have digital perm please try our service .

We have a lot of experience working for digital perm style .
Especially chemical process need a lot of knowledge.

Before start the process we check the hair condition properly and have consultation for your chemical history.

So before you make an appointment please walk in our salon or email us for consultation .

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