Best Japanese straightening Hair salon in Manhattan NYC

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is dramatically change the hair texture like wavy, coarse, or curly hair into shiny straight locks by treating the hair with chemicals.
This service is not good for only Japanese hair, Caucasian ,Asian hair who have curly, kinky ,frizzy ,dry and damage hair too.

what is a benefit of Japanese straightening perm?

Japanese straightening has a lot of benefits .
Here is the main benefit of Japanese straightening

  • Lasting long
  • Less styling time
  • low maintain style

Well what is good part of it is basically lasting is long .
As compare to hair color straightening last 6 to 12 month .
it depends on hair texture and hair strength but mostly 6month.

After you got Japanese straightening you can cut a styling time short .
you wash your hair and dry briefly and you can go out right after that .
we highly recommend it for people who suffer from the hair problems.

So after get it done you don’t need specific maintenance . Just only hand dry is ok for styling and you don’t need to use iron to make it straight so less damage everyday which is good for hair condition .

how to find good hair salon for Japanese straightening in Manhattan NYC ?

Japanese straightening is popular in New York so you can get it done anywhere in Manhattan NYC.

But before you chose a salon its better to check the salon has a lot of experience working for Japanese hair straightening or not .

Besides most difficult process for Japanese straightening is 1st process which is putting 1st solution to make hair enough soft to be straightening .If your stylist did it wrong way or leave it too much time ,or less time your hair will be break it out or burn it out .some time melt .

that’s why if you really want to get nice Japanese straightening perm you really have to be careful to find hair salon .

So let’s see how T-gardens New York hair salon work for Japanese straightening .
we have so many clients for getting Japanese straightening and have a lot of experience with it .

Lets experience Japanese straightening at T-gardesn hair salon

This is experience with T-gardens New York hair salon


Stylist is carefully check your hair condition first and ask you your chemical history .
this is very important things for chemical service .
SO if you have ever had chemical process before please let us know

Lets start 1st process

Then he wash your hair and check the hair how it turn out when your hair is wet and check the surface of hair is smooth or dry .
He make chemical according to clients hair condition and apply it quickly and leave it 10 min.During the leaving time he carefully check the hair is good enough soft to go next step .
we try to check several way using finger and comb which is professional way .

Ironing prosess

After rinse out your hair ,we do half dry hair and start Ironing carefully .
Our salon is one to one style so each stylist take care of customer perfectly .
we have been working for Japanese straightening so ironing process is quick and smooth!

Final process

After finish Ironing we put 2nd solution to lock the hair straight.
Then after few minute we rinse out and put hair treatment and nice head massage at the shampoo booth .
You will feel your hair is so smooth during the rinsing time .
After rinse he cut your hair and clean up the ends and take some volume out .

We are sure that you will be smile after you get hair done at T-gardens New York hair salon .
All our stylist have a lot of experience and welcome you big smile !

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