Which one is best between Digital perm and regular perm?

You are thinking about getting digital perm or regular perm?

Then you need to understand what is the difference between both of them

We have many customers ask us about perm but they don’t know well so that we decided to explain it for all.

This article help you to understand about perm well

The difference between Digital perm and regular perm

Do you know what is the difference between a perm and digital perm?

If you don’t know well please check the information below

What is a digital perm?

Digital perm is something like creates a curl by heat machine.

It’s invented in Korea and the result is something like the curl are bigger than regular perm and bouncy curl.

Digital perm curl stay same shape even after dry and easy to style by yourself

But when hair is wet it looks straight looking so you need to dry your hair everytime

What is a regular perm?

Regular perm is something like small wave is common.

  • cold perm
  • spiral perm
  • afro perm

These are made by regular perm.

Regular perm has many different size of rods and creates a curl depend on size of rods with chemical.

Regular perm is something like when hair is wet curl come out nicely but when it dry curl get straighter.

A feature of digital perm and regular perm

If you like to get perm please check what is a feature between digital perm and regular perm

A feature of digital perm

less damage

Digital perm is good for damaged hair.
Besides they can separate applying chemical depend on damage part or healthy part so make hair less damage.

Lasting longer than regular perm

Heating process help lasting longer than other so digital perm last longer than regular perm

Easy to style yourself

Just dry and twist your hair and then you can get bouncy big curl

best result with long hair

Digital perm with long hair is good combination

Bouncy curl

Digital perm creates a big curl

A feature of regular perm

You can get curl from the roots part

regular perm creates a curl from the roots part so if you want to get the body on the top definitely regular perm is better.

Regular perm creates small curl

regular perm create any type of small curl

good combination with short hair

If you have short hair you can get an only regular perm

How to style digital perm and regular perm

If you want to get perm styling is very important things

Please try to lean how to style with perm

Styling for digital perm

Digital perm is something like when hair is wet it looks straight and after dry curl come out nicely

Firstly put cream or oil on your hair especially middle to ends part.

Then start dry from the roots area to middle part for 80%.

After that, twist your hair into forward or reverse whichever you like and then dry ends part.

After styling please put oil to make hair shiny

Styling for regular perm

Regular perm is when hair is wet curl come out nicely and if you dry too much curl get straighter.

Moose is the best styling products for a regular perm.

Put it all over the hair and natural dry.

If you don’t have time to natural dry use hair dryer diffuser.

If you like to make your curl more natural-looking better to use finger and dry it out.

After dry, gel or mousse is good for styling to make curl shiny 

Merit and demerit of digital perm

If you like to get digital perm please understand about what is merit and demerits of digital perm

The merit of digital perm

easy to create big curl
lasting longer
less damage
work with thin hair type
creates a curl on straighten hair

this kind of merit is digital perm

If your hair is medium to long hair digital perm is suit you

Demerit of digital perm

dificult to creates small curl
dificult to creates curl on short hair 
digicult to get body on the top
natural dry is not good for stying

There are many customers want to get body on the top so in that case regular perm is better.

Different hair length of digital perm style

Here is some photo of digital perm style depend on hair length so please check your hair length and see what kind of style you like to get.

Digital perm with Long hair

We have many customer who has long hair get digital perm.

Digital perm give you movement and volume.

Even if you tie up your hair looks nice

Digital perm with Medium hair

Medium hair is always flips away at ends part

Thats why we always recommend perming

If you don’t like to go short digital perm help your medium hair to style easier.

Digital perm with Bob

Bob hair is always looks heavy right?

If you want some body or movement digital perm is good

Looks more casual and nice hair change

How to choose good hair salon for digital perm and regular perm?

Have you ever had permed before?

I got perm before but result is not what i expected
After perm my hair got so much damage
My stylist said I cant get perm 

There are many people who had this kind of experience before.

Pick the salon where specialize perm service

If you like to get perm please go to the hair salon where specialize perm service.

Many hair salons offer perm service but you need to check they are better than others or not.

If the hair salon doesn’t have many perm style pictures on Instagram they don’t have many perm customers.

If your hair is super damage you should not perm

If your hair is already very damage you should not perm your hair.

Hair condition is most important things for perming service.

If you had bleached before or get knot easily we don’t recommend 

How long does it last for digital perm and regular perm?

You might want to know how long does it last 

Lasting depends on 

How tight you perm
How much is your hair damage
How long is your hair length


  • Digital perm=2〜3month
  • Regular perm=1〜2month

If your hair is healthy and strong lasting is much longer than above.

But loose wave and damaged hair doesn’t last long

How much is digital perm and regular perm?

This is our price.

Price would be difference depend on stylist rank

  • Regular perm $160〜$300
  • Digital perm $250〜$400

Price included hair cut, shampoo ,shoulder massage , head massage and perm service.

How long does it take for digital perm and regular perm?

It’s depend on hair condition and hair length too.

  • Hair cut+digital perm=3hours
  • Hair cut+regular perm=2hours

If you are thinking about getting schedule please keep this in your mind.

Is it possible to get straightening and digital perm together?

This picture is straightening on the top and ends are digital perm.

If you don’t like to be pin straight we can create this kind of design.

Japanese straightening and digital perm is same chemical and almost same process so we can do both on same time!

If you like to get straightening and digital perm together please come to our salon.

Which perm is better for men’s hair?

If you are men and never had perm we highly recommend to do it.

Men’s perm is very popular all over the world and perm style is good for a change.

There are many different types of hair design so you can talk to stylist what kind of hair style is good for you.

Digital perm FAQ

Which one is good for a big curl?

A.Digital perm is god for big bouncy curl

Is it possible to perm at the fringe?

A.Yes but if it too shot like on eyebrow would be difficult

Which one is lasting long?

A.Digital perm is lasting longer than regular perm

Is it possible to perm on bleached hair?

A.After bleach hair gets very weak so you cant get a perm.

My hair naturally curls but can I still get perm?

A.Sure you can get a perm on naturally curly hair.

Is it possible to perm strongly with a digital perm?

A.We adjust the chemical and rods to perm more strongly.

Is it possible to straighten after digital perm?

A.Yes it possible to straightening after digital perm hair.

Digital perm damage the hair?

A.Yes it is. But it less damage more than another perm service 

Regular perm damage the hair?

A.Regular perm damaged hair but our chemical 

Is regular perm is possible to create big curl?

A.Yes it is but after dry hair gets straighter easily

The best hair salon for digital perm service in New York

T-gardens New York hair salon is the most popular perming hair salon in New York.

If you like to get perm style please visit our salon.

We wont let you down and give you amazing new hair style!

T-gardens New York hair salon

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