How long does Japanese straightening last?

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Today we explain about Japanese straightening .

If you are thinking about going to have Japanese straightening you might worry about how long dose it last?

Japanese straightening is pricy and before you spend that much money it you like to know the details.

virgin hair with Japanese straightening

If you have never had any chemical process once you get Japanese straightening it last pretty long.

For example once you get it done whole hair will keep straight hair for 6 to 12 month.

It is depend on hair condition but mostly more than 1 years.

Japanese straightening is permanent straightening so that it last pretty long.

Damage hair with Japanese straightening

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What about if you already have damage hair.

It is depend on hair condition but even damage hair it last more than 6 moth.

There are mild chemical of Japanese straightening so that stylist check your hair and if your hair is damage they use mild one to make your hair straight with less damage.

However if you are already have bleached hair you can’t get Japanese straightening till you cut bleached part off.

Bleached hair is not good combination with Japanese straightening.

Keratin treatment is good for bleached hair

If you have bleached hair and you like to have straight hair keratin treatment is the best option.

Keratin treatment doesn’t damage hair and make hair smooth and shiny.

But it last 2 to 3 month and it not last long as Japanese straightening.

But it doesn’t have power to make natural wavy to be straight so that if your natural hair is super curly and have bleached hair it would be not good option.

Keratin treatment is mild so that it help hair to style easier and make the hair texture better.

Oxo organic smoothing is the best option with any type of hair

If your natural hair is super curly and already bleached hair Oxo organic smoothing is the best option.

Oxo organic smoothing is much better than keratin treatment.

It work with healthy hair and damage hair as well.

Besides it work on curly hair and last longer than keratin treatment.

It permanent smoothing.

Price is higher than Japanese straightening and keratin treatment but it worth to have it.

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