Newsletter for January 2024

Felix/Master stylist

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your sporting T gardens Texas branch . This is Felix. Happy New Year 2024 . I would like to recommend Milbon Repair and reconstruct. This restorative shampoo formulated especially for severely damaged hair gently cleanses while protecting fragile strands from friction. Strengthened and rebuilt with our innovative Dual-Repair technology, hair regains elasticity, and resilience—condition with Restorative Treatment for best results.
We went to the Magical winder lights in Katy Mills this time and have fun. I do recommend, if you have big family and kids love a lot .Thank you for reading.

Happy New Year 2024: New Year is celebrated on January 1 of every year. As 2023 comes to an end, we welcome 2024 with pomp. Globally, people celebrate the day by visiting loved ones, exchanging gifts, cooking a fest for loved ones, attending events or parties, countdowns with friends, kissing their partner when the clock strikes 12, watching fireworks, and more. Additionally, New Year is the time to make resolutions that help people grow physically and mentally. You can also celebrate the day by sending heartfelt messages and wishes to your loved ones on January 1, 2024.  

Lisa/Senior stylist

Hello everyone.Happy New Year! We appreciate your continued support.May this be a happy and fruitful year.
This is Lisa. How is your new year going so far?
I recently found a restaurant that serves delicious tsukemen, so I’d like to introduce it to everyone.
Okiboru House of Tukemen is a tsukemen restaurant located in the lower East area, and is one of the many tsukemen restaurants in Japan. The restaurant is known for its unique way of serving tsukemen, where you squeeze some sudachi on the noodles, mix it lightly, and then dip it into the tsukemen soup. The soup is refreshing and rich, making it very delicious. I looked up some information about the restaurant and found out that Okiboru has received a Bib Gourmand award in LA. According to The Infatuation, this restaurant is quite popular and there might be a line to get in. If you’re interested, please give it a try!

Okiboru House of Tsukemen
117 Orchard St, New york, NY 10002

Mako /Senior stylist

A happy new year!
What is your resolution for 2024?
2024 sounds unreal for me. I feel like I’m in the future…

I just came back from Japan.
I had a lot of sushi in Japan (of course!) I like Kaiten sushi restaurants that have a conveyor belt rolling. Now Kura sushi is new open in Flushing Queens! We should try it! Less variety than Japan, but still a good price and good quality compared to other sushi restaurants in NYC.

This is my nephew in Kura sushi in Japan.
He eats only shrimp!!

The hair photo is my client. She has beautiful natural curls/waves. I cut her hair more layered, so curls can move more.

Yuki/Senior stylist

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.
And are you enjoying the holidays?We look forward to seeing you next year.

The last item we will be introducing this year is Milbon’s shampoo and treatment gift set. This is anti-frizz. These are effective in suppressing the spread of curly hair due to moisture and making hair soft and manageable.

There’s only a limited amount in stock.

Min /Master stylist

Happy new year! 

If you are looking for sake I highly recommend this brand.
iichiko uses water sources that are naturally filtered through 1000 feet of volcanic rock. This exceptionally soft, iron-free water is vital to making award-winning shochu. preserve maximum flavor and character, but with an elegant, aromatic nose and a very smooth finish.

Yuna /Stylist

Hello this is Yuna
Happy new year‼︎
Today I would like to write about Japanese traditional new year.
 New Year is actually the most important national holiday in Japan.
New Year is such a special celebration in Japan.
This beautiful tradition sees people gather at special locations with a good view of the horizon to catch the hatsuhinode (first sunrise.)everyone visit the shrine the year for families from 1 January is called HATSUMOUDE.
And we meet all family in traditional New Year’s Day feast, Osechi Ryo-ri and mochi.
We celebrate usually 3 days.
If you want to try traditional Osechi Ryo-ri you can buy in Japanese market


A Happy New Year! It’s Suzu!

I’ll introduce you to one Japanese tradition for the new year today.
We clean up the whole house before new year to get rid of old energy and get new energy for the new year.
We believe that by doing this, we can get good luck for this year. Did you get good luck yet? If not, it’s not too late to clean up your house 🙂

Rei /Senior stylist

Happy new year!
This is Rei.

I did a lot of hair straightening this year as well. Thank you so much for coming to our store last year.
I hope to make many customers’ hair cute, nice, and silky this year, and make them smile.
I’m good at Japanese straight.

I look forward to having a good relationship with you this year too.

Yama/Senior stylist

Happy New Year! !
This is YAMA.Thank you to all my clients who always support me. I hope everyone has a great year! I’m going to try something new with photo shooting this year. I did styling in this photo in Japan. I’m looking forward to meeting all of my special clients this year!
Thank you!!