Hi members!

Hi members!Happy Winter! Lol
Still cold outside but I haven’t see a lot of snow this Winter.
January is my Birthday month.
I haven’t celebrated my birthday so much but I had good dinner with my family.
And Thank you Lindsey for my birthday gift!
I shared it with my daughters:)Id like to notice again about my prices/ service charge.
Thank you for your understanding.Hair cut $100
Blow dry $60 (same)Hair color
Roots touch up $100 Organic color $120
Single color 150~
(+blow dry $20)Highlights (same)
Few $100
Partial $150~
Half $200~
Full $250~
(Balayage +$25)Digital perm $300
Cold perm $200Japanese straightening $400~(same)
Keratin treatment $250~(same)
Oxo $450~(same)Thank you very much.I look forward to seeing you soon!
Thank you for reading.Junya

I preferably put on this picture after “I shared it with my daughters “