Hi This is Takashi

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.Hope you and your family well being healthy!I was thinking next summer vacation what do you think about this place? Have you guys been to there already?? It seems so much much fun!!
Below Attached photo from their Instagram.By the way during quarantine I was walking a lot around my apartment and I was feeling umm my hair why so fried! it’s Sun,my hair need hydrated like dive to ocean,so you go walking ,beach mountain,hiking,please make sure to apply great sunscreen hair products to your beautiful hair, otherwise  your hair would be cooked either baked or fried or anyway dry!My recommendation is olaplex no.6 if your hair is thick and coarse and you like heavy yet sleek texture,please use milbon products,(I know milbon has so many line of products don’t  worry ask us we’ll pick best one for you!)

Have a nice hair and face mask!
(I recommend Uniqlo airlism face mask)