Hi everyone.This is Mako

I hope everyone doing ok.From my experience working with hair treatments over several years in Japan, I have found carbon dioxide shampoo followed by scalp treatment to be the most effective combination for my clients to use for best results. 
Carbon dioxide can remove excess oil, carrying the treatment deeply into the skin.
It has the ability to make hair more beautiful, will provide the best results in comparison to other scalp shampoo and treatments options. 
Also regular shampoo can not take off common air pollution such as car exhaust and other pollutants.
And carbon dioxide shrinks hair cuticles and scalp pores so it can make smooth hair and provide much more volume.These are sold by Milbon.Plarmia Clear Spa Foam
Purify oily, flaky scalps and maintain healthy, younger-looking hair. This unique refreshing foam shampoo utilizes the cleansing power of microcarbonation to gently lift and remove buildup, excess oils, and dandruff that regular shampoos cannot wash away — while increasing microcirculation.Plarmia Micro Mousse
Free radicals on the scalp compromise hair’s texture, which may leave hair dry and dull with the passage of time. Preserve shiny, more manageable hair from the roots with this unique, energizing cocktail of microcarbonation, powerful antioxidants and collagens.We will see you soon !!