Best Japanese straightening specialist in Manhattan NYC

T-gardens New York hair salon is the best Japanese straightening hair salon in Manhattan NYC

All stylists have a lot of experience and they know how to work on different hair textures .
Basically Japanese straightening chemical is strong and if someone with less experience work on Japanese straightening hair get damage and sometime burn it out.

Your hair is very important so that if you don’t want to have that kind of experience please be careful when you look for hair salon .

Before you go to hair salon you had better to know about your hair condition .

Sometime costumer don’t know about their hair condition so please read and try to understand your situation .

Your hair is bleached before?

Sometime customer who had bleach before try to come salon to have Japanese straightening .

As we said that chemical of Japanese straightening is strong and bleached hair is so weak.

Therefore we don’t recommend to do Japanese straightening on bleached hair .

Some of them have strong hair even they had bleached and they can have Japanese straightening but it kind of risky.

People who have bleached hair better to have OXO organic smoothing or keratin treatment .

Both Oxo organic smoothing and keratin treatment work on bleached hair so please try it out.

T-gardens New York hair salon do OXO and keratin treatment as well.

Your hair is permed ?

Sometime customer who had perm and come to the salon for making it straight again.

Its depend on hair condition but we can make it straight hair again with Japanese straightening or just straight perm.

Straight perm makes hair straight by chemical only and Japanese straightening is with ironing process and chemical .

If you had perm and you think that the wave is too strong and want to make it loser only straight perm is ok .

It help hair wave to be looser and less damage with quick time.

But if you like to go back to shiny straight hair you might need to have Japanese straightening .

You can have digital perm on Japanese straightened hair

We have a lot of question about this problem.

Many people thinking about going to have digital curl and some of them already have Japanese straightening done before .

Digital perm is heating process and Japanese straightening also same so that we can do digital perm on Japanese straightened hair .

But that is only case hair is healthy enough to have perm .

If you are thinking about going to have Japanese straightening please walk in for consultation anytime.