Dear member’s This is Tatsuya.

As you know T-Gardens NY hair has been closed from March 21st and nobody knows when we will be able to reopen. I’m so sad and also same time very worry about our business can keep hold.
Firstly I got several emails from our loyal members that I am looking forward to seeing you also ask for the gift certificate for financial help.  
For now, I still have working capital and no plan to lay off any of our precious staff.
Now we are experiencing a hard time but everything there is an end!Because you guys can not come hair salon,
There is a problem with how to maintain an overdue hairstyle and hair color also treatment.For hair color, especially gray cover.
There is a temporary hair color spray like this.
You do not have to do all the roots gray only around face line and hair part will hide your roots.
I do not recommend real hair color by yourself if you have Japanese straightening or other chemical services.For Japanese straightening perm.
I recommend using straightening iron specially face line and part area so you can hide the roots part.
I use this flat iron. 
It does not have to this but the surface should be ceramic and not cheaper than $50.Who got a digital perm and getting straighter.
For digital perm make curls tip is after you use a dryer or air dry both ways are fine around 80% wait till your hair is dry you should make tie hair with a twist and make a ball wait about couple hours so your hair gas more curls.For overdue hair, I recommend using hair oil like for middle to end.
This helps to stay well and less frizz.   I’m happy if my advice works for you.