Hi Everyone! This is Yuka.

DEC 31

Hi Everyone! This is Yuka.
How was your holiday?
I have been to Japan for three weeks.
Of course, there was a two-week quarantine in Japan, and it was a very enjoyable three-week.
I went to the shrine.
There were many Kannon statues in the shrine and they were sparkling and very beautiful.
I feel so relaxed and peaceful.
Have a happy new year!
See you soon:) Yuka

Jan 27, 2022

Hi Everyone! This is Yuka.
Do you have any goals for this year?
I couldn’t wait for spring, so I welcomed a new family.
Many trees and rubber trees.
My goal this year is to raise this new family without withering.
Please look forward to seeing how big it will be and I will report it in the newsletter again!
See you soon 🙂