Newsletter for March 2024

Felix/Master stylist

Hi Everyone,
This is Felix from T gardens Texas hair salon. How was your winter time. I recommend Japanese ramen near by I 10 and 99 highway close to my house. Name is Rakkan ramen ( base soup vegetarian tased ) . I tried Asian Spicy Ramen, really good. Please check Rakkan Ramen menu and address too. Special grand opening promotions , if you come on every Saturday, buy one get one free now. Address is 1321 N Westgreen Blvd
Ste 300
Katy, TX  77449.
Thank you for reading.

Lisa/Senior stylist

Hello everyone.This is Lisa.
How are you doing?

Recently, I discovered some incredibly delicious cookies at a bakery I visited. Let me share this delightful find with all of you! There are approximately five locations in New York, but the one I visited is situated on the Upper East Side. The cookie in question is called the Black & White Cookie. Interestingly, this particular treat is exclusively available at this specific bakery.
The cookie’s texture is crispy and delightful, setting it apart from your typical cookie. Additionally, this bakery offers a wide variety of other delicious bread and pastries. If you’re curious, I highly recommend go to this place.

Breads bakery

1294 3rd Ave, New york, NY 10021

Mako /Senior stylist

Hi there! How was your Valentine’s Day? I hope everyone had a sweet and wonderful time with their partner, friends, or even themselves. (In Japan, women treat themselves on Valentine’s Day. We buy one-drop chocolate for $20 at fancy department stores. Very independent, right?)

I just remembered I found my favorite face mask in Japan, and I’d like to share it with you. You can get it here, but it’s available at a good price in Japan if you have plan to go.
The “Lululun Hydra-V Facial Mask” hydrates the skin like a Korean idol, giving it a super watery, shiny appearance.
The “Quality 1St Derma Laser Super Vc 100 Mask” helps make pores less noticeable. I remember that vitamins are important for the skin.

Both companies are well-known and popular in Japan! You should definitely give them a try!

Yuki/Senior stylist

Hello everyone.
Spring is coming soon. But it’s still a cold and dry season.
During the winter season, we received many inquiries from our clients regarding scalp problems.
So this month I recommend this product. Milbon Purifying Gel Shampoo and Hydrating Treatment and Soothing Moisturizer. (For scalp)After the shampoo treatment, massage the scalp with the soothing moisturizer.
We also have a head spa menu at our salon, so please try that.

Thank you very much.

Min /Master stylist

Hello everyone.

My lovely client gifted me Palestine olive oil and spice.
This is nice olive oil grown by Palestinian residents in the West Bank.
Nabali Olive Oil is smooth and delicate, sweet and fruity. This household staple is perfect for salad dressings or to drizzle over Middle Eastern spreads such as Hummus and Baba Ghanouj. This light olive oil naturally enhances the taste of any dish.

Please try this amazing high-quality olive oil and send our love and support :ハート:

Yuna /Stylist

Hello this is Yuna
I will recommend this amazing tool
“Smart Cupping Therapy Massager”
massage suction treatment equipment is great.
Relief your body. Use just 15 min each section. This tool has been upgraded with a dynamic suction system.


Hi there! It’s Suzu!

Recently, I was hooked on a Japanese drama called Vivant, on Netflix.
It was mostly shot in Mongolia.
This TV show brought me back memories from my trip in Mongolia about 20 years ago.
I homestayed in a Yurt, a Mongolian tent, with a nomadic family for 3 days.
Around the Yurt, everything was deserted: there were no streets, stores, even neighbors, water, electricity, bathrooms, or toilets.
There were only a family and their domestic animals. It was just silent.
I saw a 360 degree horizon, millions of stars, and an incredible blue sky.
Can you imagine that kind of world? I’m sure Mongolia has changed since then.
It was a grateful experience for my life! The picture below was my host family!

Rei /Senior stylist

Hello. This is Rei.

I recommend gelato store.
It’s Venchi.
It has Many flavor and vegan ice.
There were also chocolates and crepes!
 Next time I will try crepes.

Yama/Senior stylist

Hey everyone! !
This is YAMA!
A lot of clients came to me in February as well. Thank you so much everyone! ! I’d like to show you some of my amazing client’s hairstyles. She always believes in my suggestions. I really like designing hairstyles. I promise to create the best hairstyles for everyone this month too!
Thank you!!!!!