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What is a digital Perm?

Digital perm is a comparatively new perm technique. 

Make curls with perm solution and hot rollers with the temperature regulated by a machine.

Normal perm basically requires only a perm solution, on the other hand, digital perm requires heat as well as a (different) solution.

What are the advantages of the digital perm?

The curls are most visible when the hair is dry, so if it’s wet, the curls will look loosen.

Less hair products needed to style the hair compared to the normal cold perm.

The effect of digital perm usually lasts about 3 times longer than regular perm.

Recommended for people whose curls did not last long with normal perms.

The curls look more natural than normal perms.

I have a sensitive scalp, can I still receive the service?

Yes, you can. Digital perm solution does not touch your scalp and skin. Consultation needed.

Let us know you have a sensitive scalp/skin before the service starts, and we’ll ensure to apply the solution without touching the scalp/skin.

What are the disadvantages of the digital perm?

Difficult to create volume at the top of the head because curls cannot be created at the root.

  The rollers get very hot, so we have to avoid the area around the root.

Takes longer time than normal perm. (2.5h to 3.5h)

  Takes more steps than normal perm.

1.5 to 2 times more expensive than normal perm.

  Need more steps and  special machine for digital perm.

 Check our price list. T-Gardens NY service price. 

Kinky curl cannot be created.

 Good for natural curls.

There is a possibility to make the seriously damaged if the stylist doesn’t have enough knowledge and experience.

 It requires skill and knowledge, especially when applied to colored/fine/Caucasian hair.

Some people may feel the hair with a digital perm a little frizzy.

What are the advantages of the normal perm?

Possible to create kinky curls

 If the client desires tight kinky curls, a normal perm is better.

Able to create roots curls from the roots part of the hair.

 If the client desires volume on the top of the head, a normal is better.

Takes shorter time than digital perm.

 Less steps than digital perm. 2 to 2.5 hours including hair cut.

Inexpensive than digital perm. 

 What are the disadvantages of the normal perm?

 Curls look most visible when the hair is wet, and look loose when the hair is dry.

 Must use hair products to stay the hair moist.

The effect of normal perm usually lasts shorter than digital perm.

Not recommended for people with a sensitive scalp.

 Normal perm solution is liquid, so there is a possibility that it will get on your scalp.

Normal perm treatment does work with Japanese straightening permed hair.

Are there any hair conditions for which digital perms or normal perms cannot be applied?

A: There are several hair conditions that should avoid digital perm/normal perm.

  Bleached hair, high tone colored hair and very fine hair..

Is there a type of hair that is more or less likely to benefit from the effects of digital perms?

A: It is more likely to work on Asian hair types than Caucasian ones.

 Thick hair is more suitable for digital perms than fine hair.

Are there any rules for a digital perm?

A: Don’t use shampoo for 48 hours after the service as the chemical reaction is still in progress.

For the first time customer.

We recommend that customers call, email or visit our salon for a consultation in advance
(especially if the hair has been colored or permed in the past).


 We also have some other options.

  •  Apply Japanese straightening perm and digital perm at the same time
  •  Apply digital perm and normal perm at the same time
  • Please feel free to contact us for more info.

Our digital perm makes

  • Our digital perm makes it easier to style your hair.
  • Adds movement to your hair with fewer hair products.
  • You can keep your hair curly for a long time using a hair iron.
  • Digital perm may not work well on hair with a history of highlights or bleach.

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